Black Friday Deal | Facts You May or May Not Know about Natural Wavy Extensions

We’ve talked a lot about hair extensions. The type of extensions there are, how to care for them and we have shared a book and a half of technical knowledge with you about hair extensions. So what do you say we learn some fun facts that you may or may not know about them? Ready?

That hair extensions come in natural wavy style is in itself a fact that can be included in this list, let’s look into more facts that you may or may not already know about them. Here we go!

Look and Feel

The looks and feel are of course the first things we look for when getting hair extensions. But did you know that if the extensions are raw Indian natural hair, you might not even feel that much difference with how it feels and looks.

We are really going for authenticity here and since the hair used in our extensions are human hair, we do not even have to pass it off as real. Because they are! Strangers or people you meet at social events will not for a second notice the difference.

It can Help hide Split Ends

What is a hair problem that although common, is very time consuming to deal with? You guessed right! Split ends. And what is even more menacing is the fact that as hair grows longer, they become more visible. Well, that problem will soon be a thing of the past. If you are one busy gal and do not have much time to deal with it, hair extensions can hide those nasty split ends. It will not make go away, but it will help hiding them so your hair can still look healthy.

Nobody Can Tell It is Dirty

Whether we admit it or not, we sometimes don our hair outside even when it’s already past due for a wash. One of the benefits specific to wavy extensions is that it is not obvious to anyone that your hair is dirty. The wavy extension helps disguise dirty hair. Add to that the fact that you can pass it off as your “Just got out of bed” look *wink*.

You Can Get Our Raw Indian Natural Wave for 30% Less

That is right! And this might be the least known fact on this list (You see what I did there? *wink*). We are offering a 30% discount on our Raw Indian Natural Wave hair extensions! You can avail of this on Black Friday by going to our website Celebrity Hair At An Affordable Price I Ikonik Tresses  or go to our Facebook page Ambiance Beauty Bar | Facebook .

Go ahead! Treat yourself. You know you deserve a little splurge every now and then. You can also make a day out with friends while you are at it! Nothing like feeling even more attractive this holiday season. And as we always say, have a beautiful hair day!