Black Friday Deals | How to Take Care of your Tight Curly Hair Extensions


Since we last talked, you might have already gotten our Remy tight curls. And we’re here again to help and give you a little advise on how to take care of them. And if you haven’t gotten it yet? Well, stay tuned, maybe by the end of this article you will find a surprise that will finally convince you to get one!

Untangle them first!!

With the quality of the hair extensions we offer, you can be sure that these will last you a while. And because of that, you will inevitably have to wash them. So, the most important tip we can give you is to always untangle the strands before washing them. You must do this from tip to root. This is because a pair of strands tangled in a knot will eventually recruit others to join them in a web. And we don’t want that to happen.

Direction of Wash

You know how they say that you should apply the moisturizer in an upward stroke on your face? That holds true for hair extensions as well. From shampooing to conditioning all the way to rinsing, you should do it in one direction to fend off tangling.

Avoid Heat

As with most hair extensions, it is always better to air on the side of caution and avoid or use heat to a minimum when drying your extensions. This will ensure that the cuticles are preserved longer. So, as an alternative, you can air dry them instead of hair drying. Plus letting it drip and air dry will create more beautiful curly patterns.

Gels and Holding Sprays

And since we’re on the topic of avoiding things for your hair, we must not forget about holding sprays and gels. These products will harden your extensions. And as you may already know, dry, hard hair is more susceptible to tangling. But if it can’t be helped and you really need to use said products, wash them with clarifying shampoos and mild conditioner.

Tight curls can be pretty and even sexy. But with that also comes a care routine that requires extra effort to keep them that way. Much more care than just the natural wave or straight hair. And these tips will help you extend the life of your extensions.

So, if you have been on the fence about getting Remy tight curls, this is your sign to go get one. You already have the knowledge on how to choose, evaluate which ones are genuine human hair or not, and the know-how in taking care of your will be, new locks.

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