Black Friday Sale at Ikonik Tresses

A brief history.

In North America, more specifically in the USA, and for the longest time, the day after Thanksgiving, more commonly known as Black Friday has been associated with retail sales and big discounts. But have you ever thought about how it all started? When Black Friday started being associated with sales?

Well, the adjective “Black” was used to refer to days upon which calamities occurred. Over the years, the gravity of the term has been watered down. It eventually became a term to refer to the day after thanksgiving when workers would call in sick in order to have a four-day weekend (1951). Then in 1975, The New York Times used it to refer to the busiest shopping and traffic day of the year.

And that is where the association with all the sales! Retailers found that the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day and brought the most foot traffic to their stores. So, to take advantage of the opportunity, they attached a lot of sales to the day so that until now, Black Friday is still known as the day where prices drop significantly low.



Let me introduce you to Kesha! Kesha Abdul-Rahman, is a stylist and founder of Ambiance Beauty Bar and eventually its subsidiary Ikonik Tresses. She’s stayed up to date on all hair and make-up trends as they evolved over the years. Kesha also received her training from Tamika Gibson. Through all the trainings and experience she’s had, Kesha’s now become a connoisseur for all things hair extensions related. And if that is not already impressive enough, she’s also received training and certification from celebrity makeup artist Alexandra Butler. The goal is to provide a relaxing yet fun environment for clients to be pampered and have their own “Image Enhancing Experience”.

Ambience Beauty Bar | Ikonik Tresses

Ambiance Beauty Bar in Chandler, Arizona is one of the most trusted style and technique pioneer beauty ba. Everything from hair extensions, custom hair units, bridal make-up artistry, custom wig making, hair styling and extension implementation, we got you!

We became Arizona’s first online and mobile beauty bar in 2012 then transitioned into a more conventional location in 2015. To add to that, we are also home and supplier to our hair brand Ikonik Tresses providing the best quality hair on the market. There is no middle man when you deal with us so we can offer you “Celebrity Hair at an Affordable Price”.

Back to Black Friday and discounts?!

Well, if that is what you want, we got you! Stay tuned because this Black Friday, we are offering a 30% discount on 3 of the hair extension types we are selling. You can avail of the discounts if you get either our Remy tight curl, Raw indian straight or our Raw indian natural wave?

Well, come get them by visiting our website Ambiance Beauty Bar | Facebook or our website Celebrity Hair At An Affordable Price I Ikonik Tresses.