Black Friday Special on Straight Hair Extensions

We have always been proud of the quality of the products we offer here. And when we think of high-quality products, the next thing that often comes to mind is the price. It might be pricey because it is top of the shelf. You may have been wanting to get one yourself but is a bit hesitant for a number of reasons with pricing not being the least.

So, let’s talk about our Remy Indian Straight extensions. Quality, sourcing, processing and price. While it is true that quality products go hand in hand with an often hefty price tag, you also cannot overlook what you are getting with that price you pay.

First and foremost, quality. When getting something that you see yourself using long-term, it is important to make sure you have a quality product. You wouldn’t want that hair extension to disintegrate while you are at an event just because you were so excited to get one and didn’t pay mind to its caliber. Our Remy Indian straight hair extensions are sourced from the healthiest hair and are 100% natural. You can tell that by the color of the hair which is usually black or brown(ish) because that is the common hair color in the region they are sourced from. One thing to check is that the end has a lighter color than the roots.

With processing, we are proud to say that the extensions we have on offer have not been processed chemically. Perms, relaxers? No thanks! You can even smell them to check if you can smell chemical residues such as dyes.

And if you are not yet convinced, let’s add a distinguishing mark of authentic natural hair; cuticle. You should still be able to see the cuticles on our extensions since as mentioned before, they have not been chemically processed. How would you know? Sliding your fingertips down the strand. If there is resistance, that means the cuticles have not been stripped from the hair.

With all that convincing, do you want to get one already? Let me tell you a little secret. On Black Friday, we are offering a 30% discount on our Remy Indian straight hair extensions. Keep this on the down low though… Just kidding! Of course, we want you to tell your friends and family about it! Share the good news. Who knows? Maybe it can be a bonding moment post-thanksgiving. How you ask? You can visit our website: Celebrity Hair At An Affordable Price I Ikonik Tresses – Ikonik Tresses, or our Facebook page Ambiance Beauty Bar | Facebook.

Grab yours now! You can even don your new crown and show it off on dates, girls night outs, parties, family get togethers even. It’s a good investment since we always hear that our hair is our crowning glory. Plus with the holiday season arriving, it is a great timely deal coming your way. We hope to see you in our shops. And as always, have a great hair day!