Custom Hair Extensions

With the advent of real human hair being used in extensions, it is hard to imagine what other innovations await hair extensions. But some reputable salons are stepping up and bringing their A-game to give their competitors a run for their money.

Enter customer hair extensions. You heard that right. Salons and hair care professionals are now offering customized extensions. Everything from color, length, thickness. Maybe you ask, I already got the best extension there is, why would I need to customize it?

Below are 3 reasons why you should. Let’s get to it.

Why should I get Custom Hair Extensions?

If you’ve done your research prior to getting extensions, you probably found that most of the products on the market are pre-made or packaged versions. But a lot of salons are recently jumping into the bandwagon and offering customized locks. Why should you buy it though?

  1. More comfortable and natural fit.

    Buying pre-made locks is great. But sometimes it leaves you with an awkward fit. Custom hair extensions are made based on measurements taken from you to ensure that the wefts fit you’re your head perfectly

    An awkward fitting extension can either look too big or too small for your head so that it’s obvious that you’re wearing one. And if you want to go for the more natural look, go with custom.
  2. Go for a more flawless look.

    You want your wefts to match your natural hair as much as possible. And with custom hair extensions, you can choose the length, thickness and even the hairstyle. For this to be achieved, brands will have you pick the hair that are then made into the extensions from their stock of virgin ponytails, some of which are ethically sourced from India.

    This allows you to choose an option that matches your own hair. That and wefts designed to your exact measurements makes for a perfect and flawless look.
High-quality Product

Understandably, custom hair extensions are a bit pricier. But with that, professional salons that offer them also make sue that what you are getting is worth what you are paying. That is why custom extensions are more likely to be on the higher end of the quality scale compared to the pre-made and packaged wefts.