The Allure of Tight Curly Hair

From Missandei of Game of Thrones to Rihanna. From Zendaya to Beyonce. What do these ladies have in common? It is rather simple really; they have all donned gorgeous tight curly locks.

A sea of awe and fascination has always followed queens wearing the tight curly crown. Now, now. Don’t tell me you haven’t looked in a mirror and wondered, what you would look like with hair like Kerry Washington. There is just something about that big crown that captivates a lot of us mere mortals.

“All is well if you have naturally curly hair” you might say. Or maybe “My hair Is not that curly”. Well, say no more. We have the perfect solution for you. Are you ready for this? Hair extensions! More specifically, our Remy Tight Curl.

Remy tight curls are a bit more special than your run of the mill curls because its strands twist into small ringlets. And of course, with this new scintilla of new found power granted to you by your amazing hair, also comes the responsibility of care for it. Oh, and did we mention that the hair used in our extensions are 100% virgin human hair? No chemical treatment so you can be assured that the hair is healthy when you buy it. And what with it being genuine hair, it will look more natural with your own hair.

The holiday season is fast approaching. And it is no time to look gloomy. This year has been particularly hard and stressful. What with Covid-19 and everything it brought with it, wreaking havoc and killing our spirits. But hopefully that’s a thing of the past. At least for now, we can gather. And when we do, would it not be nice to look even more beautiful than you already are?

Can you picture it already? Walking in to the front door of the house and have everyone gathered for the holiday feast all turn their gazes at you like a four – chair turner on The Voice. Majestic, isn’t it? Or don’t do it for them or anyone else. Do it for yourself. You deserve every bit of pampering after that long year you have been through.

Now, with all that hyping up, you might just be about to stand up and go to your nearest hair care expert. And if you are thinking about pricing, we at Ikonik Tresses are here to help you out with that. We are giving out a discount if you get our Remy tight curl hair extensions. Get this and more at with a 30% discount on November 26, Black Friday. Did that get you excited? It better. You can avail of it by going to Ambiance Beauty Bar | Facebook or Ikonik Tresses to get your celebrity hair at an affordable price (made even more affordable). What are you waiting for? Take the bait and get it now!

See you all there! And as always, have a great hair day!