What is the best quality hair extension?

What is the best quality hair extension

Have you heard of raw Indian natural hair? It is all the hype right now when it comes to natural hair extensions. Got curios? Read on because today, we explore the world of what is widely considered to be the highest quality hair extension available on the market.

What is Raw Indian natural hair and what is it made of?

The outer layer of a growing hair on the scalp is called the cuticle. Cuticle is the outermost layer of your hair tasked with protecting your hair from damage it might incur with everyday activities. Raw Indian natural hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair.  It is natural, chemically unprocessed hair that grows out of an individual’s scalp. And because it has not been processed chemically, the cuticles remain intact. This makes it so that when creating the weave, the hair is aligned in the same direction and thus looks natural in appearance.

Most extensions nowadays are made up of processed hair. This means that the cuticle is stripped by soaking the hair in acid. They are then chemically processed for texture and colored with dyes. Sometimes even coated in silicone to make it temporarily tangle free. But as soon as the silicone coat washes off, hair becomes dry, stiff and matted. This is not ideal because severely damaged hair may not be strong enough to handle heat styling and color application. This hair can even cause irritation and scalp allergies. A few professional hair salons use 100% raw Indian natural hair for their extensions. That is real human hair and of course it shows on the quality and longevity of the weaves.

Custom Hair Color Bundles.

Let’s delve in deeper. If you are worried about styling, worry no more, because some professional salons even offer custom bundles along the following lines:

  1. Raw Indian ombre

    With Raw Hair being completely unprocessed and chemical free, it is the most natural, pure and 100% authentic hair.
Raw Indian curly

Naturally curly hair sourced from organic curls from India. This hair will stay true to its pattern so you can wear it straightened, curled with heat tools or in its natural curly state. Because it was not chemically processed and has no synthetic mix, you can expect no matting from this hair extension type. Since it is natural hair, the longer it is, the looser the curl. But with proper care, this hair extension can last up to 2 years.